Month: March 2014

Perfect Performance Record

Welcome all listeners to another recording of our sermon.
The relevant Bible passage for this talk is John 1:1-18. The title for this sermon is ‘Perfect Performance Record’. We hope and pray that this spurs you on in your faith.

God the Judge

This talk is entitled ‘God The Judge’. It was given by our minister Paul Richards. The relevant passages for this sermon are Galatians 3:8-14 and Genesis 3:8-24. This talk focuses on the choices and consequences of Adam and Eve in the garden.

God the Ruler

This sermon, titled ‘God The Ruler’, was given by Paul Richards, our newly appointed minister. The relevant passages for this talk are Matthew 4:1-11 and Genesis 3:1-7. I hope that this talk will spur you on in your faith, and keep you strong.

The Fundamental Foundations of Faith

The title for this sermon is ‘The Fundamental Foundations of Faith’, given by a visiting minister, Ron Allan. It is focusing on the passage ‘Philippians 1:1-18‘.