“It’s All About Jesus Christ”

Growth Groups spend an hour or so reflecting on the Bible texts where we grow ‘Spiritually’ by studying the Bible, praying together and ‘Socially’ by encouraging one another.
Monday Men’s Group
– 7:30pm @ Maclean Church
Tuesday Ladies Group
– 10am @ Maclean Church
Tuesday Mixed Group
– 6:30pm @ The Hodge’s House
Wednesday Ladies Group
– 1:30pm @ Maclean Church
Wednesday Mixed Group
– 6:30pm @ The Schillings House
Thursday Ladies Group
– 9:30am @ Maclean Church
Thursday Mixed Group
– 6:30pm @ The Roan’s House
Thursday Mixed Group
– 7:00pm @ Maclean Church
Young Adults @ The Richards House (Fortnightly)

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